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MAD Events, B2B (Business to Business) Online Networking events are organized on a singular platform for professionals to create exposure for their business and for clients to have an ideal customer experience.

Connect with professionals, resources, and opportunities for your business



Unified Remote Workplace has developed a complete suite of applications that empowers CEO's to execute and run a successful business that is scalable in today's market in a collaborative platform.

Powered by AI, Machine Learning and a Robotic Automation generator.

Global resources


Global Managed Social Network made easy. Discover the power of like-minded communities organized in Workgroups all around the planet via their local cities startup ecosystem grid.

Pick a destination on the map and thrive with your business.


connect Ottawa

Co-Founder Connect Ottawa is a good alternative to a big social media platform. It allows a space away from main stream media to have discussions, groups, and with features for content creators and workshops.

An inclusive community for business people to connect online whether you are starting, growing, established or in the sunset of your business.


The Book that Do

Imagine "The Book that Do"
It's a quality book about your business, related products, services, sponsors, ideas and more.
The possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

Start your story here


E-commerce Platform

Ready to launch products or services?
Need an online store with Gateway Payments?
Everything you need here.
Funnels, CRM, software and plug ins, warehouse management, VOIP and an automated customer service representative.
All included, and one way to monetize Unified.

Quality results with MAD Events

This is an online networking platform aimed to help you meet new people and continue to build your professional network.

These events will help you connect with local professionals for help, resources, and most importantly, to make new business connections.

Sit back and relax from the comfort of your living room, sign in and attend the best networking sessions of your life. Start private video conversations with new contacts and establish the conditions for building Empathy and Trust.

B2B (Business to Business) Online Networking.

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Being digital is about using data to make better and faster decisions, devolving decision making to smaller teams, and developing much more iterative and rapid ways of doing things. Thinking in this way shouldn't be limited to just a handful of function


The four different types of innovation mentioned here – Incremental, Disruptive, Architectural and Radical – help illustrate the various ways that companies can innovate. There are more ways to innovate than these four. The important thing is to find the type(s) that suit your company and turn those into success.


Service is defined as to repair, maintain or provide something to someone. ... Service is defined as someone or something that is intended to provide help to those providing assistance to others.

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Paradigm innovation,
is the change in the underlying mental models which frame what the organization does or alternatively how the company frames what it does.
The dividing line between these is often blurred and innovation in one dimension often bring changes to the others


Technological innovation,
is the process where an organization (or a group of people working outside a structured organization) embarks on a journey where the importance of technology as a source of innovation has been identified as a for increased market competitiveness new innovation-questions.


Market innovation,
is the implementation of a new marketing method (marketing idea or strategy) that differs significantly from the previous marketing method used by the enterprise and that has not been previously used by the enterprise.


Applications Innovation,
is a
n idea, practice, or object that is perceived as new by an individual or other unit of adoption".
According to Kanter, innovation includes original invention and creative use and defines innovation as a generation, admission and realization of new ideas, products, services, and processes.